Digital Media Consulting Service

Rajeev Yasiru Mathew have been handling Digital Media Consulting for more than 2 years for now.

Social Media Consulting Service

Rajeev Yasiru Mathew have been handling Social Media Consulting for more than 6 years for now.

ICT Consulting Service

Rajeev Yasiru Mathew have been handling ICT Consulting for more than 3 years for now.

Search Engine Optimization

To make giants in the digital market as a company, all areas must complement each other to be a successful online business. SEO plays a big part in this because that’s how customers find your company and if they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.

Being a digital marketing expert does not mean that we excel in just one specific area, as Vintage Lanka Digital and Rajeev Yasiru Mathew both know exactly the potential home and abroad SEO and will provide you with the most comprehensive approach to reaching the top!


Social Media Management

Social media is not something you can just “play” and see a torrent of likes, posts, and income. It takes time and effort to create a social presence and understand your audience. Think carefully about your message, define your messages appropriately and in line with your audience, everything must be taken into account before you see a return on your investment. Social network management requires a team that understands the specifics of each social network platform. Vintage Lanka Digital and Rajeev Yasiru Mathew are proud to know everything about the most important and popular platforms so that the right people can see their content.


Website Design and Development

Vintage Lanka Digital has designed and developed many websites for our customers. Each website is typically implemented using an analytical framework that allows you to track the performance of your new site and measure the quality of user interactions. The easy-to-use backend controls so you can manage your content, products and web pages

eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites revolve around performance. From load times to effective exit pages, the primary goal of an ecommerce website is to turn attention into dollars. At Antyra, we specialize in Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify ecommerce websites with recommendations for use based on the level of functionality you need and the size of your product portfolio.

Photography & Videography

Why do you need amazing video / photo content? Sophisticated social platforms and digital entities have reduced consumer interest. To excel in this fast-paced environment, you must optimize your content for all user situations. Technologies such as screen design, holistic approach to content, continuous testing / learning and repetition processes are what Rajeev Yasiru Mathew practice in Vintage Lanka Digital to make the most of the video / image content produced.


Promotional Material Design

Aside from extensive creative endeavors, Vintage Lanka Digital is also able to strategize, visualize and produce various promotional materials that are effective and influential in your business. Following modern design trends to keep up with industry standards always gives us the drive to keep our designs up to date.


Gossip 24000

GOSSIP 24000

Gossip 24000 provides you information regarding the latest new updates in the business world, which extensively covers a day’s business, economic activities, including Exchange Rates, Stock Market Updates, Global Financial Reports. We also provide you the latest news in the world of entertainment and the world of sports with special attention being focused on the sports activities that are most popular in Sri Lanka, while also keeping you updated on all other special moments occurring across the world,
Vintage Lanka

Vintage Lanka

Vintage Lanka is a company that specializes in providing various types of photography, cinematography, web development and digital marketing / social media marketing services using our vision and ideological capabilities.


The Information Technology Society of Sri Lanka (ITSSL) is the pioneering advocate of professionalism among those that are involved in the field of Information Technology.